Where does Palomar Water come from?
Our spring water is sourced from free-flowing springs located high atop Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California.

How long has the company been around?
Palomar Mountain Spring Water was originally founded in 1985 by a group of residents of Palomar Mountain. Current owner Eric de Jong bought the company in 2005.

How pure is Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water?
Our source is protected from potential contamination that industry and traffic generate, because it is located high atop of Palomar Mountain, above smog levels and untainted by man-made extraction equipment, contaminants or additives. Our 100% pure spring water contains no additives. We collect our water straight from the spring and transport it directly to our bottling facility in stainless steel water tankers. There, it is filtered to remove possible microorganisms, and passed through high intensity Ultra Violet light to destroy any bacteria. The result is high quality, pure, clean and healthy bottled water.

Is bottled water regulated?
Most certainly! The bottled water industry is regulated on three levels: federal, state and, for members of IBWA, at the industry level.

FDA regulations, coupled with state and industry standards, offer consumers assurance that the bottled water they purchase is stringently regulated and tested, and is of the highest quality. IBWA has been a long-standing proponent of sensible regulations for bottled water that help to further ensure safety and protect consumers. IBWA is active at all levels of local, state and federal government, assisting in the development of such regulations, where they help enhance public safety and product quality.

How can you trust Palomar Water is pure?
By visiting the spring for yourself! You can taste our water on the spot and judge yourself.

We can also guarantee that Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water positively passes all tests, both by authorities and ourselves. Palomar Water complies with all of the requirements of California Proposition 65, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). We even exceed these requirements by testing multiple random samples in our on-site laboratory every day to ensure that our spring water is free from contamination. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the International Bottled Water Association both independently evaluated the quality system of Palomar Spring Water and awarded it with identical scores of 96%.

Palomar spring water is also awarded spring water. When we entered our water in 2012, the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting awarded our bottled water as “one of the best bottled waters in the World.”

How is your bottled water different from tap water?
In more ways than we can list here. The most important differences are that tap water originates from surface water like wells, lakes and rivers and of late, toilet water; so this water always contains contaminants that have to be removed. The water subsequently has to be treated with chemicals like for example chlorine to make it suitable for drinking.

Our spring water stems from deep under the surface and has been naturally filtered by the earth. Our spring water does not contain any contaminants and is not treated with additives. We bring this naturally clean water straight from our source to our bottling facility. The result is well balanced, fresh tasting, pure drinking water that tastes so much better than tap water.

Bottled water is regulated as a packaged food product and must therefore adhere to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Is bottled water safer than tap water?
Today’s tap water has many people concerned. On a regular basis tap water appears in the news because of contamination (Boil Watert Alerts) or – of late – the ‘Toilet To Tap’ process. Palomar Mountain Spring Water is guaranteed contaminant and additive free. We collect our water straight from the spring and transport it directly to our bottling facility in stainless steel water tankers. There, it is filtered to remove possible microorganisms, and passed through high intensity Ultra Violet light to destroy any bacteria. The result is high quality, pure, clean and healthy bottled water. That makes out bottled water 100% safe and healthy, which does not always apply to tap water.

Long term, excessive exposure to chlorine and fluoride, found in many municipal sources, has been linked to certain types of cancer and damage to teeth. Municipal water quality and safety is a source of increasing concern to the public. Source: Iowa State University, PM 1813 (March 2000).

Is the spring open to the public?
Definitely! Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water is sharing its spring water for free and directly from the natural water source with everyone that visits the South Grade of Palomar Mountain. You will find a drinking fountain where you can fill up your bottle with our cool, fresh, clean water, filtered by nature itself. We invite you to come and taste our natural spring water, straight for the source in its natural environment. And it’s free!

What products does Palomar Mountain Spring Water offer?
Palomar Water offers a wide variety of products:

How can I order Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water?
For more information on how you can receive Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water at your home, your office or your event, please call our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-227-0140. You can order Palomar Water 24/7 online at www.palomarwater.com and there is of course our fill station at our premises that is available 24/7.

How does water affect our bodies and health?
Man can live without food for more than a month but no longer than a week without water.
Our bodies consist of almost 2/3 water, but we are not able to store water in our bodies. We must, therefore, replenish regularly. To maintain health, we need a minimum of 2 ½ quarts of water per day, but more is better. We need water to regulate and manage our bodies. If we do not properly hydrate our bodies, we will run into problems with our health, practicing physical exercise, endurance and concentration.

Drinking lots of water during the day, will affect our health in many positive ways. Water is good for our hair and skin and it will support our efforts to lose weight. Our body needs water to transport minerals, vitamins and nutrients, but also to transport antibodies when we are sick or to inflamed body parts. Drinking enough water will help our bodies to dispose of waste.

Why is water good for us?
We do not only need water to survive, but also, water helps prevent health problems. For example:

How long has bottled water been around?
Bottled water in America predates the country’s independence, with records of water bottled and sold from Jackson’s Spa in Boston in 1767. The bottled water industry really took off in the beginning of the nineteenth century when new glass technologies made the cost of a bottle affordable and practical for mass production and consumption. By 1856, over 7 million bottles were being produced annually at Saratoga Springs, one of the most popular early bottled water sources, and selling for up to $1.75 per pint. Bottled water went out of style and need in the early twentieth century, when the advent of chlorination in municipal drinking water supplies made public water consistently healthy and safe to drink. In 1977, Perrier launched a $5 million marketing campaign in the United States for its imported water, and bottled water made a come-back. Perrier’s marketing and timing were perfect, as it took advantage of “concerns about pollution and poor-quality tap water.

Can I private label Palomar Water?
It would be our pleasure. Whether it is for private use, for your special event or for your restaurant, Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water can fully customize your bottles, both plastic and glass.

Can you supply me with Palomar Water for my food and beverage processing?
Yes! Palomar Spring Water has been a component in manufactured food and beverages from the start. Our water is a wanted ingredient because of its purity and good taste. Call 800 227 0140 to find out how our water can complement your product.

Does Palomar Mountain Spring Water have job openings?
Palomar Water is always looking for new colleagues. Send us an email to palomarjobs@palomarwater.com with your resume.